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Bounty Hunter

* Date: 2013-05-21 11:35:00

PVE – Giant Thieves

PVP – Bounty Notice

PVE – Giant Thieves

There is a gang of bandits committing all kinds of crimes around the Chroland  Capital.

Castellan Rex has released a great number of Bounty Scrolls to call for champions, in order to eliminate this gang  of bandits. Besides that, he took out valuable treasures from his palace to award those champions who are outstanding in purging the bandits.


After reaching Level 30, you can click the button "Bounty Hunter" under the mini map to open the wanted panel.

At 00:00 every day, 6 Wanted Thieves will be listed in the Wanted Panel. Players can buy Bounty Scrolls in Mall to refesh the 6 posters of the Wanted Thieves.

Based on the rarity, thieves are classified into 5 levels. The levels of thieves vary depending on the levels of  players.      

It will take a certain amount of gold and 1 Arrest Warrant to arrest a thief. You can get free Arrest Warrants every day (claim them on the Wanted Panel and complete the Special Daily Quest), and can also buy them from  Mall.


After the thief is arrested, he/she will drop rich loot to you. Blue and above thieves will drop appropriate medals.The higher the level of a player is, the bigger the chance to drop high level medals. Level 60+ players will have 100% chance to obtain Orange Medals after defeating Giant Thieve Gernar.

Different medals can be exchanged into different treasures from Castellan and the emissaries at the center of Chroland Capital.

Pride Badge:

A formidable one of growth and after equipped, player's ATK and MATK will increased by 440 respectively at most. It  can be exchanged with Orange Medals from Castellan Rex.

Protector Badge:

A saint Badge inheriting the will of protectors. After equipped, this Badge can improve your Max HP by 4000.

Prestige Badge:

Offers quite good attributes and also is the token of power! You may exchange it with Silver Medals from the  Silver Medal Emissary.

Ghost Landa:

The only Agility-type pet in-game at present. It can be exchanged with Gold Medals from Gold Medal Emissary.

PVP – Bounty  Notice                    

Click "post Bounty Notices" and then enter the wanted name and the reward, you can post a Bounty Notice. The notice will be displayed in the panel and last for 24 hours. It can be revoked too.

Level 30+  players can post the Bounty Notice in Diamonds. To post a notice in Gold, you need to reach level 69.

Bounty Hunters can select "Arrest", and then be teleported together with the wanted player into the Duel Square. By  defeating the wanted player, the bounty hunter will gain Prestige value as rewards.

Once defeated, the wanted player's poster will be shown at the "Apprehended" interface.                          

At the same time, the wanted player will be sent to the Dark Cage. He or she can only get out of there after collecting sufficient ores or being bailed with  Diamonds.                                


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