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Crystal Plant

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There are some plants in the game where you can grow Crystal. When the Crystal becomes mature, it will bear Gold, Exp Apples and Superior Crystal Amulets. Guilds can even upgrade those plants and take control of them. It is also allowed to destroy other players' Crystal. If you don't collect your mature crystal in time, it might get stolen by others.


Available at Level 25.


1. Crystal Plants:
Press "Z" on your keyboard to view the distribution of all crystal plants. You may find different icons on different crystal plants which represent plants' status: blank plants means blank plants; growing plants means growing plants; and your own plants means your own plants.

2. Grow Crystal:
When you find a blank plant, you can click on its base to grow Crystal seed. There are 7 different types of Crystal seeds, including Red Crystal Red Crystal, Green Crystal Green Crystal, Yellow Crystal Yellow Crystal, Blue Crystal Blue Crystal, Purple Crystal Purple Crystal, Orange Crystal Orange Crystal and Crystal Cluster Crystal Cluster. Different Crystal will generate different revenue. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Orange Crystal seeds are sold in Mall and Guild Shops while  Crystal Clusters can be bought from from the grocers in towns.

3. Crystal Plant:
Guilds can occupy blank Crystal plants by spending some Guild Contribution. After occupying and growing Crystal on them, the owner guilds can have several extra harvests from these plants (only members of the owner's guild can collect from these Crystal plants). If it is a growing plant, you have to destroy the Crystal first.

4. Growth of Crystal:
After Crystal is grown, it will absorb nearby energy and become mature. The more advanced the planted Crystal is, the longer it will take to become mature. During the growth, the Crystal may suffer attacks from other players, which means some protection is needed. If the Crystal is destroyed, you'll lose all the revenue while the destroyer may get Runes, Exp Apples and money which may be dropped from the destroyed Crystal.

5. Collect Crystal:
Crystal will be protected for a period of time after it gets mature. If you don't collect all the crystal within the protection time, other players will be allowed to collect it from your plant. If a Crystal plant is occupied by a guild, then its members can gain extra collect times from that Crystal plant.

6. Revenue:
After Crystal become mature, it will bear Gold, Exp Apples, and No.1 – No.33 Runes. Different types of Crystal will bear different revenue.

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