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Equipment Forge

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1. Refine

Improve equipment's attributes. Equipment can be refined for up to Level 15.

2. Enchant

Upgrade equipment's quality. White equipment can even be upgraded to orange equipment.

3. Upgrade

Upgrade equipment's required level and attributes. Every upgrade will raise the equipment's required level by 10.

4. Socket

Make sockets on equipment for embedding gems. One piece of equipment can have up to 6 sockets.

5. Embed

Embed gems into equipment. One socket can only be embedded with one gem.



Click the "Forge" button at the bottom of the screen or press "H" on your keyboard to open the Forge panel. Choose the equipment or pet you want to forge as well as the type and then click "Start" to forge.


After you open the Forge penal, click the "Auto" button on the bottom right and then drag the slider to set your goal. Lastly, click "Auto-forge" to start.

Equipment Forge

After reaching +13 refining, the bonus attributes of each refining level will increase dramatically.




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