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Equipment & Items

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Every gear in Chrono Tales has a prefix in its name. With as many as hundreds of different prefixes, players can build up to tens of thousands of sets of equipment. The biggest feature of Chrono Tales' equipment system is that you are given the most freedom to upgrade your equipment. You can even upgrade a normal, Level 1 white gear into an epic, Level 80 orange gear!

You can upgrade your equipment up to Refinery Level 15. After refinery, attributes of your equipment will be greatly improved. Bijous are required for refining equipment.

Equipment Enchant:
Divided into white, green, blue, golden and orange. Higher-enchant equipment has more prefixes in its name. It costs Rainbow Shards to improve the equipment's enchant.

Equipment Upgrade:
Equipment has 8 different levels of grades. The higher its grade is, the higher its required level and its attributes are. Purple Stones are needed for equipment upgrade.

A piece of equipment is allowed to have up to 6 sockets and each socket can be embedded with one gem. It costs Socketers to socket equipment.

A piece of equipment can be embedded with 6 gems at most. Different types of gems have different attributes while gems of the same type are divided into 3 grades.


Gem: Gems can be embedded into socketed equipment to generate some attribute bonus.

ATK Stone IATK Stone I: Increase Physical Attack by 3%.
INT Stone IIINT Stone II: Increase Intelligence by 10.
HP Stone IIIHP Stone III: Increase HP by 8%.
BijouBijou: Bijous are required for improving equipment's basic attributes.
Purple StonePurple Stone: Upgrade the equipment.
Rainbow ShardRainbow Shard: Improve equipment's enchant and provide extra attributes.
Speed StoneSpeed Stone: Improve mount's movement speed.
Aptitude StoneAptitude Stone: Improve pets' basic attributes.

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