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Guild System

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You can create a guild when you reach Level 15. All you need to do is to find the Guild Manager and pay him the fee. Guilds have five levels. A Level 1 guild can have 20 members at most and every time it upgrades to a higher level, the limitation will expand by 10.

1. Guild Management
The guild leader can promote their members based on their contribution to the guild. The higher your position is, the more powers you can have in the guild.

2. Guild Contribution
Guild Contribution represents how active you've been in guild events to some extent. You can earn Guild Contribution by leveling up, planting/upgrading Crystal, destroying other players' Crystal, fighting and improving your rankings in Survival Island, and participating in Siege War. Guild Contribution is required for participating in the Treasure Plant battle, and you can also use it to buy Crystal seeds from your guild shop.

3. Guild Welfare
1) After you create or join a guild, you can buy Crystal seeds from your guild shop.
2) You can get a huge return of premium items from Siege War or Treasure Plant battle which only allows guilds to participate in.

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