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Ladder Quest

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Ladder quest has different steps which will reward you an abundant amount of Exp, money and premium items. The higher step you challenge, the more difficult it will be and the more rewards you can get.


Available at Level 28.


You can click [Ladder Quest] icon on the right side of the screen to begin the Ladder quest. There are 5 steps for the Ladder quest and you can end it only when you complete at least the third step. After you end it, you have to wait for it to cool down before taking the quest again. The higher step it ends in, the longer you have to wait.


Each step of the Ladder quest consists of several subquests, which will reward abundant Exp and money once they are completed. In addition, when you complete a step, you will be rewarded with an item sold in Mall.

1st Step:
Subquests: 3; Rewards: Fruit Pie Fruit Pie

2nd Step:
Subquests: 7; Rewards: Fruit Pie Fruit Pie, Rebirth Scroll Rebirth Scroll and Double Exp Card Double Exp Card.

3rd Step:
Subquests: 15; Rewards: Lucky Bag Lucky Bag, Bijou Bijou, and Energy Bolt  Energy Bolt.

4th Step:
Subquests: 25; Rewards: Lucky Bag Lucky Bag, Rainbow Shard Rainbow Shard, Purple Stone Purple Stone, and Socketer Socketer.

5th Step:
Subquests: 30; Rewards: Lucky Bag Lucky Bag, Gem Gem, Socketer Socketer, Aptitude Stone Aptitude Stone and Forge Stone Forge Stone.

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