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PK Rules

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Once a player reaches Lv 21, the beginner protection will be expired and the player can start PKing or being PKed in Dangerous Area.

Players can switch the PK mode by clicking the mode icon on the top of screen:

Practice Mode: players are only able to attack monsters and avoid attacking other players.
Combat Mode: players can attack other player above Lv 20 in Dangerous Area.


  1. 1. Once a player starting to attack other player, his/her name color will turn red for a least 1 min.

  2. 2. To kill a white name player, your sin will increase by 50 points. To kill a red name player, your sin will not increase.

  3. 3. To kill other players continuously will lead to Malicious PK Debuff punishment which will lower the player’s attributes intensely in the following 10 min.

  4. 4. PK Death Punishment

Sin Point

Death Punishment




Durability decreases by 30%, drop 2%-5% gold, 10% chance to drop 1 unbound item in the bag.


Durability decreases by 50%, drop 3%-10% gold, 50% chance to drop 1-2 unbound item(s) in the bag.

Above 500

Durability decreases by 80%, drop 10%-20% gold, 50% chance to drop 1-3 unbound item(s) in the bag.

  1. 5. Reducing Sin Point

  2.   a. Staying in Main World, players will reduce 5 Sin points every min.

  3.   b. Once a player's sin point is over 350, the player will be teleported to the Dark Cage automatically. Players will reduce 1 Sin point every min in the Dark Cage and not be able to leave the Dark Cage till their sin points are under 50.

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