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Quest Guide

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Main Quest

After you create a character, you will start your adventure from Elf Town. Speak with Mystic Old Man to accept your first main quest. You can earn Exp, money and items by completing main quests.

Branch Quests

When you reach Level 14, you can go to Nantes Rainforest to accept your first branch quest from Keepers Family Scout Todd. You also can earn Exp, money and items from branch quests.

Daily Quests

Daily quests become available when you get to Level 18. There are different types of daily quests, such as normal quests, special quests and more. Click [Daily Quest icon] on the right side of your screen to check all the daily quests. After you accept some daily quests, you can click [daily icon] on the Quest Panel to check the quests you accepted and completed. As you level up, the daily quests you can take will also become more and more advanced. You can receive rewards of Exp and money from daily quests. If you finish special daily quests, you will receive more rewards.

Ladder Quest

You can begin the Ladder quests after reaching Level 26. Click [Ladder Quest icon] on the right side of your screen to check the Ladder quests. If you want to start the Ladder quest, you can simply click "Start". The ladder quest has five steps. The higher the step is, the more difficult it will be. Of course, the rewards will become better too. Once you begin the Ladder quest, you can only end it when you complete at least the third step. You need to wait for some time before you can take the Ladder quest again. The cooldown depends on which step you end the Ladder quest in.

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