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Crazy Opening Events Wrap-Up for 2nd CBT

* Source: Official * Date: 2013-01-07 16:08:35

Enjoy the full experience of Chrono Tales during the 2nd Beta Test of the game by recharging and receive bonus Diamond during the Open Beta Test of CT!!!!

[Event Period] During 2nd closed Beta

[Event Servers] CBT Server

[Details] During the 2nd closed beta, we are going to open up the charging system allowing you to top up and add money.   Because all data will be wiped after the 2nd closed beta, players who charge diamond during the 2nd Beta Test of CT will get 110% bonus  when Open Beta Test starts.  

As an example: Charge 500 Diamonds  in 2nd Beta Test. Use that while you are playing 2nd beta test. When Open Beta Test starts, you will get your 500 Diamonds back, also receive an extra 50 (10% of 500) Diamonds for free in Open Beta Test.  

NOTE: The Diamond that you receive in Open Beta Test will be dependent on what you have charged in the 2nd Beta test.   Diamond that is left over or earned from game (for example: earn from an event) will not be transferred to the final version,  ONLY Diamond that has been purchased.  

[Event Period] During 2nd closed Beta

[Event Server] CBT Server

[Details] It seems players really love coming to play Chrono Tales each day. As a special reward for joining our CBT Server, we’re going to give out a daily login bonus each day for any player who reach level 20 and signs into their character. This is an easy way to get free gifts so don’t miss out!


Double EXP Card [Bound]*1+ Red Crystals [Bound]*2+ Lucky Bag [Bound]*1


  1. When you reach level 20+, you can claim daily login bonus.

  2. Please claim your reward from NPC: Event Coordinator Nina who in the Fairy Town before reset time 00:00 every day during event time.

[Event Period] During 2nd CBT

[Event Server] CBT Server

[Details] Level up and you could claim your rewards!




Bag Expander*1, Level 10 Class Suit*1


Bag Expander*1, Level 20 Class Suit*1, Double EXP Card*1


Bag Expander*1, Level 30 Class Suit, Double EXP Cards*2


2000 Coupons

Note: All items are bound.

[Event Time] 2nd CBT

[Event Details] During the CBT, you will possible to get Red or Blue giftpacks when you kill monster. Monster will drop them randomly . Each Red or Blue giftpacks contains random rewards. You also could sell Red/Blue giftpack to any NPC in game and get 1 gold, 50 silvers.


The rewards of Red/Blue giftpack are from Lucky Bag.

[Event Period] 21:00, Jan.7th -21:00, Jan. 22nd

[Event Server] CBT Server

[Details] During the event, the First three players to post Orange soul star will get 1000 Diamonds. The top 10 players to post any Gold soul star will get 500 Diamonds. Easy as posting the screenshot with your character name and server on the forum. Do this and you will easily get the reward.
Orange Soul Star:

Gold Soul Star:

Please note that the screenshot should contain your character name as below:

Character name: Blair


  1. Each player can get the reward once. The rewards will be sent to winners every day.

  2. If you post Orange soul star and Gold soul star at the same reply, then you'll be regarded as post Orange soul star.

  3. If you first post Gold soul star, and post the Orange soul star at another reply. Then you'll be regarded as post Gold soul star.

  4. First/Top three players will be chosen depending in THE TIME OF POST.

  5. Please NOT to reply the thread before you get the required soul star.

  6. Editing to your post will disqualify you. If you need to edit post, please post new one.
    You replied with a post that doesn’t contain any required screenshot just to get the first post number(post#) then using the “edit” feature, you uploaded the required Essence a few days later after the event has started.

  7. Rewards will be sent to you within 3 business days after the end of the event.

Forum: http://bbs.gamedp.com/viewthread.php?tid=20243&extra=page%3D1

[Event Time] 2nd CBT

[Event Server] CBT Server

[Event Details] During CBT, “Pizza” will appear randomly in specific area of meditation. These “Pizza” contains random rewards.

Specific Area: Chroland Capital


You may get 200 diamonds, 100 coupons or 5000 exp apple from pizza.

EXP Apple

As an ancient Chroland legend goes, there was an almost dry, narrow oasis located in the center of the mysterious desert, which was believed to be the place where countless ancient treasure was buried. After years of exploration, adventurers finally found the gate to the mysterious treasure. However, the battle has never ended since then…

Event Time:

The Treasure Plant event will begin every three hours in every day.


The Gold Ambers you collect from Gold Clusters can be used to trade for Gem Bag I from the Mysterious Merchant who also sells recipes of Gem Bag II and III. Different kinds of gem bags contain different kinds of gems.


1. When the event begins, there will be a portal near the rebirth point in the Chroland Capital, through which you can enter the oasis. The portal will exist for 30 minutes and then it will close.
2. After entering the oasis, you can click on the Gold Crystal to occupy the plant. Every occupation will cost you 50 Guild Contribution. If no players from other guilds occupy it within the next 6 minutes, then you own it.
3. The Treasure Plant is a very dangerous place as PK is allowed here and no sin will be gained. If you are killed here, you can choose to revive where you die or revive outside the Treasure Plant Oasis. Remember, if the portal has closed, you won’t be able to enter the oasis from outside.
4. After a Treasure Plant is owned, there will be a Gold Cluster appearing on the ground. You can collect it if you are above Level 40. Auto collection is supported and it costs one Shovel for every collection. (Shovels are sold at the Grocer of the Chroland Capital.) After the portal closed, members of the owner guild can still enter the Treasure Plant ground to collect Gold Cluster from “Treasure Plant” at the guild panel.
5. The Treasure Plant ground will open every 3 hours in every day, starting from 8:00 A.M.
6. You can collect not only Gold Amber, but also all kinds of ores from Gold Clusters. It is also possible that you collect nothing sometimes. There is limit of times for the collection, so you’d better make sure there are no players from other guilds on the ground before collection.

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