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May 22nd Maintenance for Version 1.39

* Date: 2013-05-21 10:07:28

Dear players!

Version 1.39 is approaching. Two new systems: Rune Words and Bounty Hunter will be added into the game; also, Daily Events will be adjusted to benefit players with free Coupon!

There will be server maintenance for 1.39 Version update from 1:00 AM to 3: 00 AM, May 22nd, 2013 EDT in all servers. If maintenance fails to be completed on schedule, the availability of the game may be delayed accordingly.

Highlights of Version 1.39

New Feature

  • 1 Bounty Hunter system is released.

  • 2 Rune Words system is released.

  • 3 The Crystal Plants in the wild have been cut down to 8. New map Crystal Garden is added. Players can spend 50 coupons to grow crystals inside the garden. The crystals inside the garden cannot be destroyed, but can be stolen after matured.

Daily Events

  • 1 BBQ Happy Time has become daily event. Players can barbecue the Giant Drumstick at Chroland Capital to obtain Drumsticks.

  • 2 Arena entry requirement is adjusted from Lv21 to Lv30

  • 3 Survival Island entry requirement is adjusted from Lv20 to Lv21

  • 4 Lv20 and Lv30 World Bosses are add with 5 sec invincible protection when respawn.

Daily Quest

  • 1 Grow Crystal Daily Quest is adjusted. Players can obtain a free Green Crystal from the daily quest and receive 85 free coupons after the Green Crystal matures.

  • 2 New Barbecue daily quest: exchange a small drumstick for 20 coupons

  • 3 Rune Jar daily quest: killing bears on hope prairie, player can obtain the Hammer to hit Rune Jar in Chroland Capital to get precious runes.


  • 1 Level requirement for world channel is adjusted from Lv10 to Lv17.

  • 2 The sin for teleporting to Dark Cage is adjusted from 200 to 350

  • 3 Star Fortune Piercing Armor is adjusted from 100% defense reduction to 80% defense reduction.

  • 4 Guild creating fee is adjust from 5 gold to 1 gold.

  • 5 Price of Big HP/MP is adjusted to 6s30c.

  • 6 Dragons have arrived at Mall.

  • 7 Enchanted Garment Crimson Waltz has been added with 1000 DEF.

  • 8 Lv17 main quest has been modified and players will be able to obtain a flying pet Darkwing Bat (Quest).

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