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Chrono Tales Plugin Installation Guide

* Date: 2012-12-11 16:35:29

~Solutions to some regular log-in problem click here

Chrono Tales Download  

Note: you need to download 500KB Plugin or 13MB Client to play Chrono Tales.

These are the official Chrono Tales downloads. Unofficial downloads from other sites may contain virusers, keyloggers, etc.

500KB Plugin

1. Essential plugin for playing Chrono Tales via browsers;
2. Supported in Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer;
3. Fast and safe.


13MB Client

1. Launch Chrono Tales directly from your desktop, without all that browser clutter;
2. You can choose the install directory.


Chrono Tales Plugin Installation Guide:

1. Click the "Download" button on - http://ct.gamedp.com/download/plugin/


2. It will be downloaded automatically in Chrome.


While in Firefox or IE, you will have to click "OK" to download the plugin.

(In the down-left corner of Chrome)

(In the Firefox download box)

3. Double click the downloaded file to install the plugin program.


4. Keep on clicking "Next" until finish the installation.


Refresh the page to enter the exciting Chrono Tales world.

Or yon can enter game via Client:

Download Client Here: http://static.ct.gamedp.com/download/chronotales.exe

~ How to Reinstall CT

Find the "gbox" directory, delete the whole directory, and then run chronotales.exe


~Solutions to some regular log-in problem

1. D3D Error: this problem is mostly caused by your graphics card driver. Please check our forum thread for the solution.   http://bbs.gamedp.com/viewthread.php?tid=20515&extra=page%3D1  


2. Black Screen: Connection failed. It is usually caused by the Firewall setting. Please close the Firewall on your computer and try again.


3. Install Error: There are several problems which may cause errors of the plug-in installment. If you encountered the error reports below, please reinstall CT completely and retry.




4. Stuck at Starting: It may be caused by the slow network connection. You can turn off the CT page and restart  it.


5. Login Data Error: It may be caused by setting of Internet Exploer browser. Players who are experiencing the bug please switch to Firefox or Chrome to enter CT.

You can learn more login error solution on our forum

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