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Rememberable Poems of Chrono Tales

* Source: Official * Date: 2012-12-28 13:51:59

[Event Time] 00:00, Dec. 28th-00:00, Jan. 6th EST(GMT-5)

[Event Server] 2nd Closed Beta Server

[Event Details] Players will write a poem discribing what they loved the most or what they remmber from playing Chrono Tales.

Reply poem here: http://forum.gamedp.com/viewthread.php?tid=20152&page=1

Those players who have not played can view pictures and make a poem on what you see.

1 winner: 500 Coupons

20 Lucky Players:200 Coupons

[Event Rule]

- No offensive content, no ripping or plagarism.
- Please leave your forum name along with your entry.
- One entry should not be more than 200 words.
- Entries must be related to Chrono Tales, or something amusing or cool.
- You may come up with several poem, but no double posting, no multiple entries.
- May add a few in-game screenshots.

1. The winner list will be post within 3 business days.
2. Only one of your character could get the reward in CBT.  
3. The prize will be sent to your character of Chrono Tales CBT2. So if you’re one of winners, please remember to create character in CBT2 and pm Blair. We will send reward to you soon. Thank you.

Good luck to all those who will take part in this Event!

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